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Moments of great emotion

The 2010 champion always managed to have a satisfactory advantage over the last round, but in hole 17, a bogey (+1 hit above the hole pair), saw Fisher approaching the leaderboard, being only a distance. So, in the last hole the surprise was close to happening when Morrison put the second ball in the bunker. Nevertheless, a perfect approach to the hole, allowed him to make the PAR, enough to conquer the title, making the birdie of Fischer manifestly insufficient.

Morrison's "eagle" (-2) in hole 7 proved to be key to packing him for the win and, curiously, breaking the record for all editions of the Madeira Open thanks to 268 strokes (-20).

Fischer with little fair play

Oliver Fischer contented himself with second place, but eventually he lost the dream of a possible play-off or victory in hole 18. Situation that ended up making him lose fair-play even ending by not complimenting the now champion Of the Madeira Open.

As for the third place, it was handed to the Scot George Murray, who came to make his worst turn in the event (73 strokes) which resulted in the descent of a station with which he had started the final day.

The Frenchman Jean-Baptiste Gonnet, who was on the list of record-players in the field (65 strokes), also allowed him to climb to a brilliant ninth place.

Final note for the performance of young amateur Jonathan Bell. In addition to reaching the final cut, finished in 66th place and deserved by the organization the trophy of best amateur in the race.

Porto Santo already thinks about the next Open

The bet was won in 2009, was even more successful in 2010 and the dream continues in 2011. At least this is the predisposition of the main players in the Madeira Islands Open BPI Portugal, and was clearly demonstrated yesterday, at the end of the 18th edition of event.

João Cunha e Silva, vice-president of the Regional Government, admitted that the desire is to maintain the tournament in Porto Santo, although he agrees that in the future the place of the Open may turn out to be rotating, including the new course in Ponta do Pargo.

"Having the Open in Porto Santo does not depend on my will, but of course I would like it to be so. Now, this realization depends a lot on the support we find, and if so, certainly the Madeira Open continues.

Proceeding: "Now the realization of another event like this depends on many factors, but if everyone understands that it should be in Porto Santo, it will be. But I must say that the tournament deserves to have new and new stages. Let's wait, but the success that has been this test in Porto Santo, leads people almost to demand that you continue here. I am very pleased and proud of the Regional Government's commitment to the 2010 edition, "he concluded.

Air links worry

Francisco Taboada, president of the Development Society of Porto Santo and one of the 'workers' of the event, was equally happy for the success of the 2010 edition, also stating that this year's event was superior to its debut year.

"This year we achieved even greater success, a lot also because in 2009 it was the first experience and that made us a bit nervous," he admitted.

He also praised the whole 'machine' that made the event possible, especially the financial support from the Madeira Regional Government and BPI, Taboada believes that the event could continue on the island. "We are ready to start working today (yesterday) in the next edition. However, we must meet the fundamental conditions for this, "he warned.

Thinking of a third edition in Porto Santo, the head of the SDPS hopes that other factors, namely the airline connections to the island, will be improved for the benefit of the event and for the good of the tourist destination.

"This year things have happened somewhat strangely with air links and this situation has to be significantly improved. Of course we will think and work in this direction, but it is not only for the sake of the Madeira Open but also for the island itself. It is time to bet more on this link and, of course, that the Central Government understands that Porto Santo and the country itself is gaining in this in terms of growing as a tourist destination.

Physical condition frame´s Filipe Lima

The only Portuguese in the race, Filip Lima, signed yesterday his worst record in every competition. Accounts made, lost countless places in general. A negative turn of 77, his worst throughout the tournament, led him to collect only 2,310 euros thanks to 55th place. In fact the best Portuguese player of the day was not in day, perhaps due to the physical fatigue accumulated in the previous days.

With this result, Lima lost the opportunity to beat the best Portuguese record at a Madeira Open that, curiously, even belongs to him, when he reached the 12th place he won last year.

David Williams hopes to lead the Open in 2011

'Once again Porto Santo Golf is to be congratulated, and especially its whole team. We are facing a great field of the European circuit that have the particularity of having one of the best corners of the World (hole 13 and 14). I hope that the bet will continue and I hope to be able to return in 2011 as Director of the race, through the European Tour '.

Filipe Lima says he learned from mistakes

'I started badly and did not feel like playing. With the mistakes we always learn and when we get angry in a field like this the result turns out to be bad. It cost me a little to play in the last two days, because my legs ached, but I never thought it would ruin my game. But I accept, it's part of the work I'm doing and I hope I'm stronger for the next tournaments. '

Morrison can buy new car and wants to get to Dubai

'The eagle who got into hole seven led him to believe he could win if he was a regular. This happened and now I have the pass to be able to play until the next year in the big events. I want to try to win more tournament this year and of course I want to be in the top-60 to be able to take place in the Race for Dubai. I won my biggest monetary prize ever and I have long wanted to get rid of my Peugeot 206. Finally that will happen. '

Public only appeared to see the champion

Finally the public appeared in large numbers to the field of Porto Santo Golf to see what would be the champion's party. A fact contrary to the previous days, where very few people were present at the Open. Even during the Easter holiday the number of 'spectators' was well below the debut of Porto Santo Golf in a test of the European circuit, the Open 2009.


"It was a great honour to play on the Madeira Island Open, the course is fantastic, the Clubhouse very beautiful, the food even better and the caring phenomenal. I hope to return…"

Severiano Ballesteros, 2001

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